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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Bravest in Battle

Bravest in battle - gambling his blood.
Time tempered arms - his mettle tested.
Raven's friend and - Fenris-Kin feeder.
He never wearies - of waging just war.

Fighting for family - he never forgets,
Those he kills - would kill his kin.
His Chieftain's commands - he commits to deeds,
Neither desiring death - nor dreading it much.

When men first fell - some fled in fear.
Others faltered and froze - as if fettered fast.
But Herjan's man - made right for the melee,
His sword seeking - its rightful sheath.

The old man watches - with one eye wide,
His maidens riding over - reddened battlefields.
His chosen few taken - at a time of his choosing,
Swelling the ranks - as Ragnarok nears.

Great are the gifts - of the warrior's grave.
Sing songs of the - battle brave's sacrifice.
Fell for their family - for you and for me.
Live they in our hearts - and in Valhalla height!
“Written and Copyrighted in 2009 by Mark Stinson,
Used with Permission, heathengods.com.”

© Mark Ludwig Stinson

Temple of our Heathen Gods


Poetic form: Fornyrđislag (Old Meter)

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