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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Bright Shield

To the One-Eyed God I pray
As I raise my sword unto the sky
Sig-Fadhir take this day
And choose my soul if I should die!

  And the battle round me rages on,
Bright Shield has chosen me
I scream aloud o'er the valkyries' song
As Bright Shield embraces me
  I close my eyes to the dimming light
Bright Shield is lifting me
And I'll drink in Valholl to Odins might
Where Bright Shield has carried me.

For kin and Kindred ever fight
Though Shadow-Skuld would see me dead
I stare at Sunna's setting light
As Odhinn's spear flies o'er my head


With the chosen-slain in Odhinn's hall
I deeply drink Odhroerir's mead
And off the glistening spear-made walls
Echoes true, inspired rede!

Chorus (x2)

Jonathan Cyr of Raven Kindred North

This appeared as a song on the album "Tru Spirit - Songs of our Heathen Ancestry"

Image: "'Valkyrie", Emile Bayard, 1892

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