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~ By Courtesy of Others ~





I call to the Aesir in the Plain of Idavoll!
I call to the Alfar, the folk of Lofar!
I call to the Dokkalfar, outlaws to their own kind!
I call to the Duergar, deep below the World of Man!
I call to the souls of the Dead in Helja’s realm!
I call to the Jotnar, first true rulers of the tempest!
I call to the Vanir, granters of the first fruits!
I call to the Old Ones, the first who were born from the abyss of Ginunngagap!
Surt, who rules the primordial fire, and Nidhogg who rules the land of ice and mist.
I call to all spirits and deities who share this land with us!

© Michael Koudelka


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