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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Call to Frigg, the Silent Knower

Lady Frigg, in your misty halls at Fensalir,
On far-seeing Hlidskjalf,
From the deepest wells of knowledge,
Share with us the silent wonder of the world!
All-knowing Frigg, norn-wise,
You know there is no tongue in which to tell
Of all that is and that shall be;
To sort the spinning strands of possibility
Into a span of words.
Yet with your spindle and your well-strung loom
You weave the airy clouds
And send the winds to shape them,
Writing your wordless wisdom-runes
In the ever-changing valleys of the sky.
Teach us, Lady, to heed
The wisdom that lies beyond all words.

Winifred Hodge Rose


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