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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Candlemas Hymn (Rune Song)     Sheet Music    MP3

One candle we light for the flocks and herds;
May abundance come to all.
One for strength and health, and one
That our feet not stumble and fall.
One candle we light for open ears
If the Gods should call our name,
One that all roads be welcoming,
And one for truth's bright flame.

One candle we light for gifts received
And one for the torch we hold,
One for the rain and one to constrain
And one for the winter's cold.
One for the harvest of labor hard
And one for the staff of yew,
One for the Fates that guard all time
And one for what guards us too.

One for the sun of victory
And one for the warrior's will,
One for height as tall as trees,
One for breadth beyond the hills.
One for friends and family,
And one for the river that roams,
One for the sacrifice of love,
One for daybreak, one for home.

One candle we light for the ancestors
Whose bones beneath us sleep,
One for the oaken stave and one
For the boundary in the deep.
One for the song and the singer's gift,
And one for the arrow's flight,
One for the funeral pyre that fills
The shadows all with light.

In the name of all that is given to us,
In the name of all we give,
In the name of all that passes on,
In the name of all that lives,
In the name of all that calls to us
We light our candles three,
One for the cup and one for the stone
And one for the Great World Tree,
One for the Great World Tree.

Raven Kaldera

Northern Tradition Paganism - Prayers, rituals, music & online shrines

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