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Chant of the God Bölverk                 Poem in Spanish: Canto del dios Bölverk

A great pact was sealed and the war ended
Vanir and Aesir all in peace lived together
From their saliva a great man was created
Kvasir lord of poetry there emerged.

Fjalar and Galar cunningly killed him
Stating that he drowned in wisdom
Mixing his blood with honey
They created the mead of poetry

By an accident at the sea
To Suttung with mead they paid
There at mountain Hnitbjörg he hide it
And his daughter Gunnlod protected it

Bölverk appeared to avenge the boldness
You nine men cheated
In exchange of sharpening their scythes
Themselves they cut their throats

To the brother of Suttung you promised
Do the work of the nine men
With Baugi you worked the land
As only pay a sip of mead

But Baugi didn't get the mead of his brother
In exchange agreed to do a hole in the mountain
Rati was the tool and the hole was made
And taking the form of a snake you came in

With Gunlod three days and nights you cohabit
In exchange for three sip of mead
With one gulp everything you drank
And shape-shifted in an eagle you escaped

Reacquired with the gods and the trophy
You spat the mead into a cauldron
For those who are your chosen ones
The gift you will give and poets'll become

You god Bölverk the most cunning trickster
Waited patiently to meet your goal
With treason to the traitor you will pay
Rewarding your family who more cares

They call you craftsman of disgrace
But you're the creator of confusion
Laugh with all your might Bölverk
That here is a noble and devoted follower

Turn into a snake and confuse the enemies
Become a scythe and make them to kill each other
Become a lover and charm their passions and desires
Become a eagle and rule over the nine worlds

© Hoen Falker (Spanish original "Canto del dios Bölverk ")

Hermandad Odinista del Fuego Sagrado México
Odinist Brotherhood of the Sacred Fire México
Irmandade Odinista do Fogo Sagrado México

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© Translation: Wardjo Fon Ashmaht

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