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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Children's Rune Rhyme

Fehu is Cattle, which once measured our wealth.
Uruz is Aurochs, and can foster good health.
Thurisaz is Strength, whether thurses or Thorr.
Ansuz is a God, who breathes fury and lore.
Raidho is Riding, that the right road be found.
Kenaz is a Torch, for the Smith or gravemound.
Gebo is a Gift; let the giving begin!
Wunjo is Joy, which binds kith and kin.

Hagalaz is Hail, a seed-pattern begun.
Nauthiz is the Need, by which deeds must be done
Isa is the Ice, bringing stillness and rest.
Jera is a Year, by a good harvest bless'd.
Eihwaz is the Yew, from which tree Odhinn fell.
Perthro is Lot-Box; Wyrd written in the Well.
Elhaz is an Elk, used to bless and to ward.
Sowilo is Sun, both a shield and a sword.

Tiwaz is a God, the Wolf bit off his hand.
Berkano is Birch, who brings life to the land.
Ehwo, Two-Horses, to a friend or fetch binds.
Mannaz is a Man; may we all use our minds!
Laguz is Water, which lets life and luck flow.
Ingwaz is a God, whose sown seed waits to grow.
Dagaz is the Day, when the new dawn awoke.
Othala is Land, which belongs to our Folk.

st aka Tim Turner, 26 November 2000


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