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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Contemplating A Tour

Should I go with Loki on some rash quest
or mis-adventure? Why in Hel's realm should
I trust him when the Gods state he's a pest?
He'll get us killed or banished at least, would
that be worth my while? I don't want to have
my ribs torn out of my back: blood eagle?
If that's the result of our trip, I'll pave
no new ground for myth and keep things legal.
Loki, the shape-shifter, trickster and thief
here he comes now to try to plead his case.
His eyes change from gold to blue in his grief.
Why should I always eat blame for my race?
Take my hand and we'll become birds and fly
the nine worlds. Come see, then ask me why.

Karen Emanuelson


Poetic form: Shakespearean Sonnet


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