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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Dance with Death, 'til the Ragnarok

The man who dances will blades and death
He'll go down swinging til his dying breath

The man who spins tales with his words
He'll never fall in his own world

The man that sings and spreads much joy
He'll never die a man, just as a boy

Til the Ragnarok comes, they will all be immortal
In each way, they'll be remembered, unable to fall

Though none will ever know of their fame
People will remember them for their deeds, not their name

Til the Ragnarok comes, they will live as they please
Bringing all to tears or their knees

One dances with blades, while the others the pen or harp
But in the end, they all have a turn; dancing with death

Alexander Hall

~Axlazu on DeviantArt


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