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Duva's Song      Duva's Song MP3

Duva, Duva...
Lead the way to the hurricane's lee,
I am lost at sea, I will pay your fee.
Show me the way to the hidden sands,
Follow to your hand, though strange be the land. sea fog

Duva, Duva....
Lead the way to the shrouded cove,
Take my sight in tow, through the fog I rove,
Open the curtain and show me the way
To the sacred land, and the price I'll pay.

Duva, Duva...
Mists that cover the island fair,
Like your pale mist-hair, you will find me there,
I fear not the mist and dew,
May your way be true, I will trust in you,
Duva, Duva....

Raven Kaldera

This poem is
from the Nine Sisters' Shrine.
A CD containing this and other shaman songs is available from Asphodel Press.

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