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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



You are perfect now:
the bravely fallen in battle,
carousing in Valhalla;

your flesh become myth,
your image, the bright shadow
of every man's dream.

Some may see in you
only dusty fairy tales
collected in old books

and some may see in you
only the desparate fantasies
of crushed and bitter souls

and some may see in you
only the savage children
of a primitive, long-gone god.

All of them may be right
but I will think of you
when fear shivers in me

and I will believe in you
each time I must step out
to face the dizzying day

and hope to be with you
when the story of my life
is rolled into a prayer

and I am born again.

Jeremy Hirst

Image: Vikings enluminure, Middle Ages, author unknown. Public Domain.

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