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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Eternal Truth

Lines and circles, circles and lines.
What lives, dies, and from death comes life.
What is, was, what will be, is.
We go forth, we meet ourselves
Carry our past, our future.
A tangled skein of spinning-wool
Bright-dyed, dark-dyed, shining and shadowed.
What is truth but what-is?
What is truth but what-was?
What is truth but what-will-be?
Can you see each woven thread?
Can you know each stitch, each line?
Do you know the whole?
Can you understand all that passes
Each drop that falls in the well of wyrd?
If not, then the truth you know
Is not full truth, will never be
For none may know the full of all
Or else be it frozen, dying, dead.
Hold what truth you know is true
Follow your thread
To learn is wise.

Hilla Hamasdohtor aka Alwynne (Pamela A. Wolff)

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