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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Even The Strongest Are Not Immortal


No matter how strong, no matter how weak
No matter how proud, no matter how meek,
how determined, or how apathethic,
I, determent of life, and prophetic
Of all fates decree,
Who lives and who dies.
I sever all ties;
You can't disagree.
Brave warrior, daringly you defy!
Skilled song-writer, of me your words imply.
Though one day you shall cease to swing your sword,
And on your instrument, play your last chord.

In time all are mine; all draw their last breath
When my light doth shine; Me, the face of death.
Heed me! For one day, you'll cross my portal.
Even the strongest are not immortal.

The sands of time never swell;
In my eyes, all are equal.

Justin Douglas Blackford


Poetic Form: Shape Poem - Hourglass

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