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For Bragi

For Bragi MP3

Hail Bragi
Hall's delight
through flowing mead
and fire's light

Our hearts reminded
with kindred tales
our ancestor's glories
to guide our sails

© Matthias Wilson

Additional stanzas by Michaela Macha:

2. Son of the Mead,
sired three nights,
for songs so sweet
and listeners' delight

o trace your runes
on hearts and lip,
from Odhroerir´s bounty
we ask a sip.

3. Draw near the fire,
feast and rejoice!
Strike the lyre
and raise your voice!

Come, pass the cup
and fill the horn,
from love and labor
is beauty born.

Image: "The Ballad of Nornagest", Faroese stamp, Public Domain

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