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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



In this modern time I am
considering ways of ancient man.
Reaching back to comprehend
the thoughts of those long in the ground,
the wend of lives laid into mounds,
or burned in primal funereal pyres;
to ken their passions and desires.
To see through lens of long shut eyes,
to slough away distortion’s lies,
and learn the whys of ancient tribes.

Return to me, then, what’s been gone
by regarding old words, old stones,
trade goods, laws, folk and fairy tales,
middin piles, springs and sounds,
eddas, sagas, remains and ruins,
place names, kin names, and taboos;
riddles and clues to lore‘s avenue.

© Jackie ‘Crowfuzz’ Hannigan, Sunnasdaeg, May 20, 2012

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