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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freya drives a cat-pulled cart.
From the Vanir was she birthed.
And to Odin seidhr did she impart.

Daughter of the Earth,
Sister of the Barley God,
She bears gifts of lustful mirth.

´Twas a bargain strange and odd
That necklaced her fair throat.
Lie she did with dwarfs of sod.

And now that burden does she tote.
Shameless as a cat in heat
Is Freya, as they gloat.

But in such a way that grace to meet,
Who would not a treasure give,
For rapture’s finest treat?

© Jackie Hannigan 7/3/2004     

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Image: © Carlshamns Commersen (www.commersen.se)

Poetic Form: Terza Rima

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