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Freya´s Rose             Freya´s Rose MP3

Freya´s fragrance fills the air,
embracing you so playfully--
Freya´s rose of fiery red.

The rose´s chalice now invites you,
nectar-moist from last night´s dream--
Freya´s rose of fiery red.

Cool like velvet are the leaves,
fanning embers to a fire--
Freya´s rose of fiery red.

Like red lips the petals beckon,
opening up invitingly--
Freya´s rose of fiery red.


© German original "Freya´s Rose": Michael Schütz

ARF&M - Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard

© Translation, Tune, Voice: Michaela Macha

Water Droplets Rose Stock 1by ~Melyssah6-Stock. Used according to artist's license.


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