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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Freyr-Freyr-Frey O                                 Freyr-Freyr-Freyr O  MP3

Freyr, Freyr dance with me,
In the fields so playfully,
Freyr, Freyr, spin me round,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O

He brings the seeds to grow the wheat,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O,
And in the autumn we shall meet,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O
And I will give you my last sheaf,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O


From Vanaheim, you travel down,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O,
And with you bring the green of spring,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O,
Blessings to you I will sing,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O


Ingvi-Frey we blot to you,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O,
For all that you have done and do,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O
Our horn we raise, and drink to you,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O


In your lush fields we dance and play,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O,
And with our voice we shout and sing,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O,
With your might the harvest bring,
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O


© Lyrics, tune: Larisa C Hunter aka Mist, Gyđja of Kenaz Kindred

Author of "FULLTRÚI : Patrons in Ásatrú"

This work by Larisa C Hunter is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at www.kenaz.ca.

© Michaela Macha

Image: Herne Head, wall plaque by Paul Borda, Dryad Designs

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