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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Frey“s True Love

Falcon“s brother stirs / Far-sight in Allfather“s seat
Gymir“s daughter golden / Gerš her tapestry tends.
Cold beauty passion brews / Elf lord bends to drink,
Servant summoned / Skirnir sings praises,
Ice hard heart cold / Harsh hall ring disdains.
Idun“s gold glitters / Gerš“s apple untasted.
Sword-sharpened curses / Frost shatters, walls weaken.
Nine nights promise / In gnarled wood waits,
Dawn brings dreams delight / Desire fruits in Frey.

© Robin Herne

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Image: Skirnir and Gerd in her bower, H.Theaker, ca. 1920


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