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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Frige Boast

Frige I boast, Lady All-Holy,
Woden's loved companion, wonder-working queen!
Shining lady, splendid queen of tribes,
Blessed in triumph, binding folk together.
Lover of your people, lady bright-minded,
Bridler of kin-strife, bourne of kin-mindfulness.
Protector and peaceweaver, friendly goddess:
Your blessing give us, to babies and brave men,
Mother kind, of mind most excellent.
Great-hearted queen, holding secret counsel
With god-loving soothsayers; to the wise-minded
Giving rede and wisdom, discretion and prudence.
Key-keeper mighty, in your starry cape,
Silver adorned, shining heaven's queen!
Bid us blithely together
To your benches at Fen-Hall sitting;
Offer us the cup of frith and happiness,
Frige, Queen beloved!
Frige, my beloved.

Winifred Hodge Rose

Frigga's Web

Image: "Fricka approaches in anger", Arthur Rackham


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