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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Frigga See Us       Frigga See Us MP3

Oh frithful Frigga, Keeper of Keys,
Matrimony´s Matron of Hearth and Home.
Oh Bright Beloved, Mirthful Majesty,
Oh bounteous Frigga, do we see thee?

See us here we stand before thee.
See us thy daughters and thy sons.
Oh sacred Queen of holy Asgard,
See what thy spinning wheel hath spun.

With honor´s step we stride on Midgardh.
With brave courage we shoe our feet.
By our troth we stand before thee,
Through mountains high and rivers deep.

Oh bright Frigga with thy maidens,
We see thy presence in this world.
Our hearts swell full when gazing on thee,
Thy wisdom is the Nine Worlds´ Pearl.

With loving joy we raise our voices.
With bright minds we craft our way.
Vigorous we come before thee,
Pride and strength our hearts convey.

Dearest Frigga we stand before thee.
See us thy children as we`ve come.
See us here oh Queen of Asgard.
Our troth doth shine like summer sun.
Our troth doth shine like summer sun.

© Jackie Hannigan,   Friday, March 24, 2006
Tune: Michaela Macha
Alternative tune: "Wayfaring Stranger"

Author´s note: Feel free to use and share this poem with the copyright intact. 

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Image: "Ophelia", © Johnathon Earl Bowser, www.johnathonart.com, used by permission.

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