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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Frith is a laugh filled hall
Frith is a lovers sultry call
Frith is a fiddlers bow
On a string that gently stirs the soul

Frith is a field, green and bright
Frith is an eagle´s nimble flight
Frith is the sun pouring light
And stars that pierce a frozen night

Frith, a walk in an ancient place
Frith is nature´s unyielding grace
Frith lies in eddies, swirling slow
In rivers bright with Sunna's glow

Frith is a heathen child´s smile
Frith is the gold of honey wild
Frith is a quiet time alone
And a time when kinfolk fill the home

Frith is a fire bright and warm
Frith is the silence after storms
Frith is gentle, yet undeterred
And comes softly as a whispered word.

© Rob Crocker 2006


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