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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Frost and Thunder

We've looked into the face of Death
From Deathblinder's Hall we now ride.
Never counting the odds, for no fear remains
In we, who have already died.

Battle Goddess, send the fiercest foes
For my blade to rend asunder
As Ice and Flame clash once again
With Asgard's immortal Thunder!

Yes, Frost and Thunder clash again
But the Wolf has eaten the Sun!
On Vigrid Plain this day we'll see
This war forever done.

Countless foes I've counted
As by my blade they fell.
Of the fighting this day no mortal skald shall say,
But our deeds refill the Well.

Thor and the Serpent have clashed so strong
Who fell first, I never could tell.
As Ase and Van and Immortal Man
Send Laufey's Son's hordes back to Hel.

Yes, fierce do they fight, but they die by my hand
Though they were dead when they rose.
Which side will rout? Which will win out?
How can even Valfather know?

Valkyries flying low overhead
But they carry no balms or biers
For the wounded or dead.

They carry us home
To Valhalla we seek
Then back to the battle, our vengeance to wreak!

The Wolf stares into one baleful eye
He welcomes the charge, spear braced aside.
The Wolf's wyrd is laid, but Odhinn plans more
Setting the seeds in deeds and days of yore.

The Wolf dies crying 'neath Vidar's boot
The Guard of the Bridge lies bleeding.
Valkyrie, Einherjar, and giants fill the field.
What Voice may come to our heeding?

Flames engulf my body
But they fail to sear
The enemies of He whom they serve.

Guarded by the megin of my will
And the Reginn
The flames are forced to swerve.

They litter the ground, charred jotnar abound
Of Muspelli no more do I see.
Is it true in the end? Did we really win?
Will the new world truly be free?

Now we are done
Says He Who's Returned.
The giants are beaten,
The worlds are all burned.

By giving our power
A willing sacrifice
We lay the final rede
To start a new World, and Life.

Come now, my brothers
And lay down your arms!
We are freed from our service,
none are left to do harm.

To our loves we may seek
But we'll not see the old farm.
Yet still shall we find
Those sweet loving arms!

We've done our best,
And Odhinn did too.
He returns from the North.
We ride that way soon.

We've bided with Gods
But now the time comes
To find our Ancestors' Halls
At last, we truly go Home.

Yes, one last boast, a cheer of victory.
Sound a heralding horn!
As we lay down our arms, we Einherjar die
Willingly, so a new World may be born!

2004 Chad Hooper

Image: Public Domain.  
Credits: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce)

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