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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Frost on the Prowland, a Sailorís Tale

The salty air firmly caresses my face
Intimate, familiar as a loverís embrace.
My gaze wonders Ďcross, Ymirís blood roiling
Inspired and awed, my own blood starts boiling.
My feet stand firm on my fatherís ground
But my soul is stirred by the foam mane crowns.
My family is life, and the strength of my heart
But the day draws nigh, when we shall part.
For keel road calls and beckons me
As I long to ride upon the sea.

The day has come, it is time to go
As I say goodbye, to those I know.
My childís eyes, grow wet with tears
And in Brandyís eyes, I can read her fears.
ĎCause one thing that is always true
The sea is known to take her due.
So I turn to go with a heavy heart
But food must come before the hearth.
Comfort is found, in their love for me
A beacon that shines, across the sea.

I board my steed, and than take stock
Weigh anchor, castoff and drift from dock.
As sails unfurl, my steed springs forth
With tiller in hand, I set me coarse.
And I think I grasp some ancient lore
As I turn my eyes from familiar shores.
For all is good and life seems phat
Gold coins in my shirt, the wind at my back.
I feel so good, so connected and free
As I cast my glance upon the sea.

Sunna smiles as the days roll past
The hull grows full, the nets are cast.
Manni greets me through the night
The burden he carries, a guiding light.
The waves roll up and slap the bow
A pleasing, comforting, echoing sound.
And a smile creases across my face
I am one with the world
In the seas embrace.

But suddenly a change comes 'cross my bow
A wind whips up with a deafening howl.
Storm vats brew and soon will crack
As the world hall vaults, turn icy black.
But still I ride my wind steed forth
For the sea and I, share an ancient troth.
Because life is luck and won at cost
When Mjol breaths hard and the prowland frosts.
And all who dance, with the Mistress of Ships
Knows that life is but a fleeting gift.
So I pray to Thor with an urgent plea
As I brace myself against the sea.

I baton down, and prepare for whatís coming
A deluge so strong I feel like running.
But where would I go, no place to hide
As the prowland rises up on all sides.
And Ymirís skull, cracks open in fury
As the line between death, and life is now blurry.
The hall of mountains trembles and shakes
As the icy sky tears, rip at my face.
And things now seem a little bleak for me
As Iím tossed about upon the sea.

My shield plank groans, and complains of the strain
And this time I know, there will be no refrain.
For life is a song that now seems to be sung
I miss my family, my friends, and all that I love.
A sickening loud crack, fills up all time and space
Than I feel the dark, icy waterís embrace.
I struggle, I fight, I claw, kick and scream
But there is no escape from this nightmarish dream.
And I realize things arenít so well with me
As I start to sink beneath the sea.

Engulfed in black water, like a strange salty womb
I slowly sink down, to my dark icy tomb.
And each moment lived, now stretches through time
Every face that I knew, expands through my mind.
I open my mouth, in a last desperate plea
And water fills in, where the air should be.
Thoughts fill my head, and cause me to fret
Was my life well lived, do I have regrets?
But I think of my child, and his face warms my soul
And peace and contentment is all that I know.
It was a good life, I can leave it this day
As I slowly sink to my watery grave.
And everything is so very right with me
As I see Ran smile from beneath the sea.

© Jon Erik Serhus, June 20, 2003

Vingolf Fellowship


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