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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Gerð's Choice

Raise your hands Gerð
And share your glory
Woman of arms aglow.

Sunlight glitters
in mountain meadows;
Moonlight sparkles on snow.

Meadgiver, frið buyer,
Frey's beloved,
Pined for nine nights bride

Why were you frightened by
Skirnir's curses?
Why did you yield your pride?

"Force, though unflinching
has never convinced me
to mark a man as mine own.

Frey could not fright me
With speeches or sword
His name is all too well known.

Would I take a less man
To marry for husband than
One whose might could match mine?

A Van who would never
Take no for an answer
Is one I would deign not decline.

There is no honour
instantly earned
in facing a fate that is feared.

Ofttimes taking
The tamer way
Is all in accord with one's wyrd."

© Arlea Hunt-Anschütz

Skvala - Good collection of heathen-related articles, by Arlea and Stormerne.

Image: "Frigg, Odens hustru", wood engraving by Jenny Nyström (1854-1946). Public Domain.

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