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Golden One           Golden One MP3      Sheet Music


First part: Corn and Grain, Sun Must Fall, Open Hand, Seed to Corn to See.
Second part: Rain and Sun, All to Grow, And to Feed, Horn and Need.


Would you give your life for love? Would you die to feed them all?
Would you go a-willing as the man to his bride?
Would you do what must be done? Would you hold back nothing,
not your breath, not your body, not your fear, not your pride?

Would you bring light to the dark? Would you sing the summer´s song?
Would you speed the growing, rushing toward the coming pain?
Would you do what must be done? Would you be the Golden One?
Would you spring up laughing, trusting fate like the grain?

© Raven Kaldera

This poem is
from Frey's Shrine.

Northern Tradition Paganism - Prayers, rituals, music & online shrines


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