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Haiku Rune Poem

Fehu is cattle,
Gleaming gold, good food, and greed;
Share the spark of life!

Uruz, the aurochs,
Healing brew and earthīs bright blood;
Challenge leads to gain!

Thurisaz, giant,
Thorn of Thor and womanīs bane;
Lightning yields new growth!

Ansuz, Odinīs breath,
Holy mead brings ecstasy;
The God walks with us!

Raido, journeying,
Runic roads and ritual;
Riding through the worlds!

Kenaz, passionīs torch,
House of rot and feverīs kiss;
Wisdomīs guiding light!

Gebo, gift for gift,
Exchange unites men and Gods;
Oaths bind friends to frith!

Wunjo, Odinīs joy,
Wishfather grants fellowship;
Celebrate with friends!

Hagalaz, Helīs hail,
The coldest grain melts swiftly;
Hardship brings rebirth!

Nauthiz, the needfire,
Bondmaidīs hurt, fetter of foes;
Need writes around Wyrd!

Isa, broadest bridge,
Slippery path, frozen course;
Find stillness within!

Jera, the year-wheel,
Cycles of seasons and growth,
Sow that you may reap!

Eihwaz, Yggdrasil,
Tree of yew and Odinīs steed,
Would you hang to learn?

Perthro, Well of Wyrd,
Lot-box of chance, womb of change,
Women guard the runes!

Algiz, the elkīs horns,
Swanmaids ward Odinīs heroes;
Bridge between the worlds!

Sowilo, the sun,
Shield of sky and insightīs flame;
Will brings victory!

Teiwaz, spear of law,
Templeīs ruler, wolfīs leavings;
Justice has one hand!

Berkano, birch tree,
Greenest leaves and smooth white wood;
Birth and death are one!

Ehwaz, princesī joy,
Sleipnirīs kin and spirit steed;
Horse brings Gods to earth!

Mannaz, human life,
Mirth of kin and growth of dust;
All men are brothers!

Laguz, Vanic leek,
Lakeīs dark depths and hidden gold;
Secret psychic flow!

Inguz, hero God,
Seeds of life at point of death;
Blood feeds growth of grain!

Dagaz, dawn of day,
Doorway to infinity;
Dark gives way to light!

Othala, our home,
Garth of kin, ancestral grounds;
Hearth-flame borne within!

Đ Laure Lynch     Gate of the Slain     Odhroerir Fellowship

Author of Odhroerir: Nine Devotional Tales of Odin's Journeys
and Water from the Well And Other Wyrd Tales of Odin

Poetic form: Haiku

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