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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail !

Hail Allfather Odin!
Hail old grim one!
Thou who sacrificed the nine
for our sakes, the greatest of gifts
from your time on the windy tree.
we are awed by thy craft.
Hail Odin!

Hail All Mighty Thor!
Thy Strength and Valor
light our life with bright example
thy thunder guards our ways.
Thy protection keeps us safe
from those things both here and
beyond the ken of man.
Hail Thor!

Hail Frigga!
Blessed goddess of the hearth.
Our thanks to thee for comforts taught,
for hospitality enabled, for kindreds of frith.
Hail Frigga!

Hail To Sunna, She of the day!
Sunna, Sunna, Sunna!
May you grow in strength each year.
Never tiring, never faltering,
mindful of the wolves at thy heels.
Hail Sunna!

Hail to the Gods of the Ęsir and Vanir!
Hail to the Goddesses of the Ęsir and Vanir!
Hail to mighty, fecund Nerthus!
Hail to the Sky over head.
We praise the Gods freely and are helped in return!

Hail to these Holy Ones who dwell together!
Hail to the day! Hail to the sons of day!
Hail to the night and her gracious kin!
With pleasing eyes may you look upon us,
and give victory to those gathered here!

Hail honored ancestors!
Hail kinfolk!
May your strengths and
your wisdom ever flourish.
You live on within us and without.
Hail honored kinfolk!

© Jackie Hannigan 2002        

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Image: "The Gods Descending", Von Stassen, 1914

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