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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Nine years Forn Siğr November 2006
- Best wishes from Het Rad, The Netherlands

Hail Forn Siğr              Hail Forn Siğr Mp3

Hold high a horn to honour them,
Hold high a horn to hail!
The very first Alting counted twelve,
As in three women and nine men.
November fifteenth they came together,
In nineteen-hundred-ninety-seven.
Forn Siğr's well known for hospitality,
Welcomes people from many tribes.
We wish you well for years to come,
Fare forth in frith and health.
Nine years' works you can be proud of,
Hail Forn Siğr we sing out loud!

© Music and lyrics: Frigga Asraaf

Het Rad - Dutch Asatru Network for the Northern Tradition

Image: Official logo of Forn Sidr.

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