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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail to Thee, Odin

Hail to thee, oh Allfather
The Wise Wanderer, The Sage.
Venture down from your mead hall
and help me in this day and age.

Bring forth muses and otherworldly,
Creativity and prose.
So that I may write once more
For decades til I'm old.

Give unto me, what I ask
so that I may write anon.
For the world to hear my words
until the Ragnarok come

And when my time comes
bring Valkyries to my side
So that I may write in your hall
with you as my guide.

Hail to thee, he who inspires
God to warriors and to skalds
and please clear a spot
for us all to feast in Valhall

I sit here with parchment and pen
I scribble at your shrine
please bless my words to last
until the end of time

Alexander Hall

~Axlazu on DeviantArt

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