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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hail to Ullr                 Poetic form: Ljóđaháttr (Song Meter)

Dark and dreaming    Deep Ullr´s hall,
in frosted eaves fling shadows far
Shafts on snow fall    Shot from ice bow.
Elf-shot melts with morning light bold.

Sun on snow blinds     Blazes bow-god eyes
As for the quarry they quest, ice-blue.
Oath-lord takes scent  Waits silent for kill.
Knock the bow and beat the heart.

Rhythm of the dance    Reason for the draw.
Sif´s son patterns Holda´s gown with prints
Pursuing prey              He praises her.
Swift death bursts blood on the brightness.

Howls the hunter!        Hallow the beast.
Ullr´s shield sets sail with its cold cargo.
Sharp bolt slays prey   Deep shield sleighs prey
Fast the wolf to feasting hall fair, the pack to feed.

Toast well the dead      Tight hold the living
Frost fire warms no heart as friendship does.
Yet burns flesh tender  Bitter bright is Midgard,
Scalds without warmth, words alone make the hearth glow.

© Robin Herne

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Snowshoe photo by
katpatuka, Free Art License.

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