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Hal-An-Tow Revisited          Hal-An-Tow Revisited MP3
                                           Hal-An-Tow Revisited  Guitar Tabs

Chorus:                                         Hal an Tow, German version on Thorskegga´s YouTube video with English pagan May Day ceremonies

Hal-an-tow, jolly rumble-o
We were up long before the day-o,
to welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May-o,
for summer is a-cummin and winter's gone away-o.


The mighty prince of Ælfheim
is riding in the wain o,
folk of earth have naught to fear
for He is Beli's bane o.

Among us all a goddess dwells.
in the place where Thor was born o.
Blessed be the harvest queen
her hair is bright with corn o.

Earth's son returns at battle's end,
the house pillars in his care o.
He wards against the evil wights,
all etins you beware o.

The bearer of Brisingamen
searches for her lover o.
The summer will indeed be blessed
when she finds her brother o

© Verses: Thorskegga Thorn

Chorus: Traditional lyrics.
Tune: Old English folk song 'Hal-An-Tow', earliest known printed version 1846
Sung as a part of the May celebration in Helston, Cornwall.


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