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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



The word entered the forest
carried by the breeze.
It floated first across the snow, 
and now passes 'tween the trees;
suddenly silence begins,
wolves cease play and listen.
Carrying the word, a raven flies
long and far to Valhalla;
into the meadhall flying,
on Odin's shoulder he speaks.
      Odin stands.
      Revel stills
      as he speaks:
Forth Valkyries!
Ready Freyja's Hall!
Prepare the feast!
Bards prepare story and song!
Heroes stand TALL!
      A Warrior approaches.
Make ready to bid welcome;
join us he shall 
in feast, revel, and laughter.
He too shall stand tall
within these great walls
till Ragnarok 
calls him forth
to fight again. 

In memory of our Shire's loss of Halfdan 

Michael of Stonehaven aka Peter Handberg 

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