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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Heathen Pride

We are hearty heathens, happy and proud;
the gods of the North we gladly hail.
The honored ancestorsí awesome gods
are kith and kin and keep us together.

We eagerly learn the elder lore
and the needful virtues of noble ancestors.
Odin of the Aesir we honor for wisdom,
the power of poetry and the potent runes.

Tyr the one-handed, the wolf he bound,
we honor for courage and order in the world.
Thor we hail for hammer of might;
he wards and hallows our holy steads.

Freyja for freedom and frolic we hail;
her love and pleasure lifts our spirits.
Freyr we hail for harvestís reward
and peace and plenty in proper seasons.

Many more of mighty gods
we bid and hail in holy blessings.
In raising our horns with holy mead,
we hail heathenry and heathen pride!

© 2011 Eirik Westcoat

Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License

The Skaldic Eagle - Poetry in old Norse meters. Bringing the Mead to Midgard.


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