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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


He Walks Alone         
Poetic form: Acrostic

High-One, these words are for You to receive.
Every skald takes from Your gift, I believe.

Wanderer, One-Eyed, Wisest of All;
Allfather, Who takes the slain to His hall;
Lo and behold, His many names still ring,
King of the Gods, and the God of the Kings.
So, by one name only He has not gone;

Atrid may go disguised from dusk to dawn.
Little do they know, who He comes among;
Only if they knew that their guest was Thund.
Not till He makes his return for Asgard
Ere they discover their guest was Harbard.

Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "Odin", 1970, Konstantin Vasiljev (1942-1976), Russian painter.

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