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Himinglava's Song            Himinglava's Song MP3

Green as glass and green as glass,
the sun shines through the wave,
A window on the sea to see
the light in the deepest cave.
The weed leaps wanton 'neath the wave
like the maiden's chestnut mane,
For sun and sea and song the spell
from which all life once came,
And I bid this darkness to depart
in Himinglava's name.

Blue as glass and blue as glass,
the shining waters flow.
I catch the silver sparks that glint
on endless indigo.
Fair weather maiden's touch a feather's
softly falling flight,
The clouds disperse and fly before
the sun's eternal might,
And I bid this darkness to depart
in Himinglava's sight.

Raven Kaldera

This poem is
from the Nine Sisters' Shrine.
A CD containing this and other shaman songs is available from Asphodel Press.

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