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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

His Own

You ponder, on the Wonders...

My Warrior!
My Runester!
My Seeress!
My Skald!

Gaze at Midgard's wonders
And to eight worlds beyond...
Wonder on the Truth of the Norns
Or the might of Jormungand.

Grasp at My mysteries,
Or master the blade.
Immortalize in verse
The name that you've made.

Take freely my gifts
Drink my mead and feel my wod,
But where do you end? Valhalla?
Hlidskjalf? Or on down Hel-road?

You wonder at your wyrd
And to which
Of Grimnir's Halls
You are Called.

You wonder at the true outcome
When I face the Wolf,
Gazing in your mind's eye
Across Skuld's fathomless gulf.

Can a mortal ever know
The Wyrd of a God?
Or even his own,
Despite My words?

Is it because you will try
that you are Mine?
Or is it because you are Mine
That you will try?

We ponder, and wander.
In Wonder...

  2004 Chad Hooper

Image: "Odin and his Ravens" by Alan Lee.

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