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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Holy Tidings for the Yule

Holy Yuletide has begun
The Mother night arrives

Time to celebrate the hunt
The bounty of the gods

Stoke the fires spread their warmth
Gods and Kinsman come to the mead hall

Raise a horn to the year that's past
Celebrate the promise of rebirth

Serve the feast and savory mead
Serve ancestral spirits too

Hail the Odin All Father
Join us at this tide

Hail Thor friend of men
Join us for some mead

Hail Frigga The nurturing Mother
Who bears the promise of new birth

Hail the ancestors gone before
Join us from Valhall this tide

Hail Kinsman honored guests
Join the feast and raise your horns

Boast we now of challenges met
The success we had this Year

Toast the year that now will come
And the challenges to face

Gods bestow blessings on our folk
Gods keep them safe from harm

To those whose time in Midgard ends
See them safe into Valhall

Valkyries guide the slain to Valhall
Let the honored dead feast in that hallowed hall

Aesir Vanir Ancestors and Kin
The feasting time now ends

Spread the furs around this hall
Sleep safe here this night

To all a blessed Yuletide
May the year new blesssings bring

Hold the gods and Kinsman dear
In frith we will endure

2004 Steve Sherill

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