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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Hymn to Ostara

Be blessed by the maiden, the goddess of spring,
her name is Ostara, she makes us loudly sing!
Hail to the Nature, the mother of all,
to the circle of Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

May Ostara's song come over us,
may it bring joy and peace and lust!
We want to give in thousand years
for the honor of Nature our blood and tears!

We hope to can fight till the end of all time,
for our Nature, the Gods and a world without crime!
Let us dance with the elves and the dwarfs in the night,
let us pray that Ostara is bringing the light!

Oh, holy maiden, you innocent Queen,
be protected by Týr, by Thor and Oden!

Hail Ostara! Goddess of Nature, Spring and the Circle of Life!

© somniumsanguinis

~somniumsanguinis on DeviantArt


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