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Hymn to Tyr     Hymn to Tyr MP3  Midi  Sheet Music (nwc)

A mighty fortress is our God!
A bulwark never-failing.
Our helper he amid the flood
Of mortals ills prevailing.
You ask who he might be?
Great Tiwaz, it is he!
Though he has but one hand,
The power at his command
Can quell the might of armies.

When Fenris threatened Midgard´s life,
Brave Tyr made no delaying;
His bold right hand, that held the knife,
Within the wolf´s jaws laying.
The wolf he bound that day,
Feared not the price to pay.
Most quick to right a wrong,
He fights the battle long
Where justice needs repaying.

Did we in earthly laws confide,
Weak weapons we´d be using;
Were not the Just One on our side,
The God of rightful choosing.
Though kings may rise and fall,
Tyr´s arm rules over all.
Above the mists of night,
He shines the holy light,
The true course never losing.

© Copyright Alice Karlsdóttir 1988

Original: "Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott", words&music: Martin Luther, 1529;
transl. from German to English by Frederic H. Hedge, 1853 ("A Mighty Fortress is our God")

Voice: Michaela Macha

Image: "Tyr", stained glass, © Analemma McKee-Schwenke, used by permission.

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