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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

I am

I am the wall you break against
I am the ice you slip upon on
I am the broken glass in your foot
I am the last drop when you thirst for more
I am the song that is stuck in your head
I am the bill that you cannot afford

I am the hand that picks you back up
I am the warmth that loosens the sore
I am the tweezer that plucks out the pain
I am the quenching downpour
I am the music that kills lonliness
I am the windfall that bails you out

I am your faith and your fear and your doubt
I am what you cannot live without
I am the breath of resignation
I am the joy of hesitation
I am a light in the light of the sun
I am the smoke of a murderers gun

Rob Crocker 2005 


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