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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Ice Storm

Hark the horns blow harsh with battle:
South-winds soft and summer-warm
And from the fretful, frozen North
An icy air, an ire that bites
They meet in melee, mettle test.

Storm-flash sears and sunders dusk
Raindrops race in wrath to earth:
Cloud-blood called by clash of weapons
Falling frozen by frigid breath.
Winter wasteland white and stark.

Weft and web of woven ice
Still the songs of stream and rill
Bite the bare and bitter stones
Cling and clutch, so cold and fell
Dark and drear as deathly night.

Who shall have the heart to bear it?
Who shall hold the hearth-brand bright
Blazing bold beneath the stormclouds?
Who shall hear and who shall answer:
Burn the bonfire, bring the light?

2006 Hilla Hamasdohtor aka Alwynne (Pamela A. Wolff)

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Image: Fraktal by Calvin Ashmore, done with "Graph", a free program developed by him.

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