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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

In Her Name
(or The War Prize)

The war prize went to the one beside me
Never before had I seen such courage
Three at once or against horse and lance, he
Ne'er missed nor tired. He was the rampage
That swept us to victory and to glory.
I sought him out, for to seek his secrets.
"What amulet or spell, sword or hoary
Incantation gave your arm and heart sweat
Enough to win this day so well?" "`tis none
Of that" said he, "`T'was love felt by this heart
Of mine for a daughter met on campaign.
A simple maid, I saw once then was gone.
But her visage, her eyes and smile won't part
From my mind. Tell what was done...in her name."

©  GregRobin Smith  -  Writer/Playwright/Fundraiser

His IMDB Resume. His Website Ben Franklin - History you can talk to.

The author is looking for an illustrator and/or publisher to publish this work
as a fantasy-tale book, and can be contacted through his website.

Find more chivalrous works at Brand´s Poetry Page, his yahoo Poetry List,
and his music on Soundcloud.

Image: "Ingeborg" by Per Nicolai Arbo (1831 - 1892), Norwegian painter.

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