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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


In Spite of Ran

She thought at best she'd claim me
And tossed the prow about
Sure footed boots he gave me
A husband's tort by my request

Lover's quarrel and I the fodder
Beard bested to years at sea
Others swept right by me
She claimed them one by one

Now I alone was left there
Sail torn on battered mast
Long oars the way of the vikungr
The rudder sheared and free

She did her best to wrest me
I know not what I'd done
Perhaps she was just hungry
And I a feast fattened tasty

The long ship then felt guided
A hand from underneath
Subtle movement bested
O'er wave and wailing torrent

To beach the tides they took me
His will had won the day
Beaten and bloody shattered
To craggy spire I was cast

We then had a hearty laugh together
As He toasted me with salty mead
She would not have this sailor
The duel would not end with me

Soon Mani came to bless me
As I wasted on those rocks
Famished the moonlight left me
Thirsty the water tantalized

In the end Ran did claim me
Though my body she did not
Salted throat was her poison
I died there on that spot

Oddest thing that I willed me
A curse uttered upon myself
To take from her the dying
Within my reach at sea

A maimed vessel upon the horizon
Is surely game for me
I bring it close by maelstrom
Or furious wave and splinter

By sealskin I do dopplegang
And swim to the drowning crew
To eat each one in terror
And wrest due victory

It is a game we play now
Through speed and magic true
My curse has Draug made me
Forever upon the sea

By Marshall Stands
Released into the Public Domain 2010

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