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Invocation to Skadhi

Skadhi, Mountain Queen, Fair Bride of the Gods,
Ruler of Thrymheim, the Home of Clamor;
Daughter of Thjazi, the dark-loving giant;
Wife of bright Njördhr, the mighty Wane;
Kinswoman to Gerdh, Companion to Ullr,
And fast foe of Loki, the wrangling rascal.
Queen of Darkness, Bride of Light.

Winter Goddess, Lady of Snowshoes,
Rich in gold in your father's ancient freehold.
Seeker of Justice in helm and byrnie;
The bargains you make hold fast.
Huntress of the ringing bow-string,
Roaming the hills with ski and wolf,
Harvesting the slaughtered game,
Preserving life with death.

Come in the night, at winter's end;
Bestow on us one last proud look;
Let us remember your hard-won lessons -
Well-earned pride, stern-sought justice,
Dauntless freedom and hard courage.
When we meet again on the snow-covered mountains,
Let us be unafraid to meet your eye.

Thjazisdottír! (Daughter of Thjazi!)
Bogaásynja! (Bow-Goddess!)
Ondurásynja! (Snowshoe-Goddess!)
Veidhiasynja! (Hunting-Goddess!)
Skadhi, come!

"I am Skadhi, the Mountain Queen,
Snowshoe Goddess and Winter Huntress,
Daughter of Giants and Mother of Gods

The snow I conquer, the wolf I tame;
I keep what is mine, I make my justice;
With bow and spear I trim the herds.

To me come those who make their own future,
Those that are honest and fair and true;
I govern the cold facts of life."

© 1993 Alice Karlsdóttir


Image: "Skade" by Carl Fredrik von Saltza (1858 - 1905). Public Domain.

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