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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


It's An Ale Hall, After All !
(to the tune of "It's a Small World")

Here's to Odin, Thor, Freya, Frey and Tyr,
Now let's toast the gods 'cause we got a lot of beer
we've got loot enough to spare, 'cause the monks had some to share:
it's an Ale Hall after all.

It's an Ale Hall after all,
Drink some mead and have a ball!
Grab your horn and join the brawl:
It's an Ale Hall after all!

There are benchs, tables, the chieftan's seat.
And we hunt and fish so we got a lot to eat.
Fill a horn full of beer, drink and grin from ear to ear:
it's an Ale Hall after all.


Well, they call us heathens because we're not a flock.
But we'll keep on drinking 'til Ragnarok,
then they say we shall convert, but we think that they'll get hurt:
it's an Ale Hall after all.


Drink a beer before battle, another before bed,
down a brew for the living and drink one for the dead.
And when your ships sets out to sea, I will drink for you and me:
it's an Ale Hall after all.


Copyright 1994 by Keith A Sauers
This work is in the Common Domain.

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