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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


I Write the Runes

Tune: "I Write the Songs" by Barry Manilow. On YouTube.

I've been alive forever,
And I found the very first runes,
I saw the twigs fall into the shapes of letters,
I reached down and took up the runes.

I write the runes that all the vitkar sing,
I write the runes on swords and magical rings,
I write the runes that kindle maidens' desire,
I am Óšinn, and I write the runes.

My home is called Valhalla,
And I have my pick of slain souls,
But when I come down to court Mišgarš's fair daughters,
I am young again, even though I'm very old.


O, my runes can make you dance,
And give you mastery over chance,
And I write the sig-runes for victory,
The blood flows from the heart,
That's a real fine way to start,
They're from me, they're for you, they're from you, they're for me,
Within the Norns' destiny,


© KveldślfR Gundarsson

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