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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Meditation

Close your eyes,
Picture a wide peaceful lake,
See the water gently lapping at the shores,
Picture each wave as it slowly washes up on the shoreline,
Watch as the water feeds the green trees,
Water slowly moving up the roots to the green leaves,
Nurturing the growth of the tree, leaves turning ever greener,
See the moon glowing brightly on the water,
Shimmering slightly as each wave passes,
Light shining down on the water,
Feel the power of the moon and waves,

Pulsing gently with each wave
Feel the power running from your toes to your knees
From your knees to your hips
From your hips to your shoulders
From your shoulders down your arms and to the top of your head
Feel the power recede like water at the shore,
Washing down through your arms and torso,
Flowing gently down your legs to your feet,
Washing away but leaving you feeling clean and new



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