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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Lament (Away, Away...)

I made my love a close-wove cloak
to keep him from the cold.
Lined it was with foxes' fur
and 'broidered 'round with gold.

Chorus: Away, Away, Away...
My love's away across the sea...

I sewed my love a silken sark
as handsome near as he
and I sewed it all with stitches fine
as is my love to me.


I fetched my love his cold grey blade
and bringed his ash-haft spear
and I begged his byrnie of close-wrought rings
to guard his life tae me sae dear.


I watched the drakkar setting sail,
the whale-way rough and deep,
and I bit my lip till it brightly bled
but he never did see me weep.


And now I lay me down to sleep
my bed both warm and wide
and none there is save the cold, cold wind
to stretch down by my side...

1998 Karen L.U. Kahan aka Savage Daughter
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