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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Land of Ice and Fire

In the land above the winds
For half a year, never, the long day ends.

There, mighty rivers of ice gang slow
And fiery earth-cauldrons melt the fallen snow.

Fishermen's nets be oftentimes full
Scant? Nary, is the brine-steed's hull.

Twigs of athelings and thralls alike
Middling Icelanders they all be hight.

Sometimes Hekla comes and sometimes Geysir goes
When next they wend only a volva knows.

No king but the law and a day's dooming between men
Guerdon and rede meted by the micklest of ken.

Where freely run mane-lords upon the leas
And deep swim wave-wyrms beneath the seas.

First settled by Ingolf and besprent by brave Aud
Forever becoming of keen Bragi's laud.

Fain be they the Norse lemans-of-years
Thewy their hearts and knowing no fears.

Home of the Eddas and the sagas of yore
Can this craftsman-of-Odin praise ye more?

  Clyde Silbernagel

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